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“Constantinople would fall into the hands of Islam. Leaders who conquer it, is the best of leaders and the troops under his command is the best of troops.” (Narrated by Ahmad bin Hanbal)

Divination of the Prophet Muhammad uttered when the Battle of the Trench actually became reality on Tuesday, Jumada al-Ula 20, 857 H or May 29, 1453. Constantinople was previously controlled by the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) considered as the safest and the most secure because it has the strongest fortress in the world. But apparently, the world’s strongest city conquered by troops under the command of a man named Sultan Muhammad Khan. Since then, Muhammad Khan was given the title of Al Fatih (the Liberator) and is known in the West as Mehmed the Conqueror.

Muhammad Al Fatih

Muhammad Al Fatih (1431 – 1481 AD), the son of Sultan Murad II, sultan who ruled the Ottoman Empire…

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