When love comes second…

Being in a relationship, one tells that it needs love. You can’t be in it without the big L. Is it true all the time? Love first and then runs the relationship?

At first, that is what I also thought. We should be in love to someone before we decide to have a relationship with him/her. In fact, that is not always the case. Many people will meet his/her half only once or twice. marry him/her, then they build the love after the marriage. This sounds cliche and impossible but truthfully that happens in so many Muslim marriages. And many last forever!

This is what I am feeling. When I met this guy, it’s not love at first sight. It is just the way we feel comfort around each other. We don’t need to check ourselves whether we are presentable enough when we are around. I never check on myself. such as “Do I look beautiful?” “Does my outfit really fit me?” “Do I need my make up?” “Do I smell good?” We are just the way we are. We are not trying to be someone else just to be presentable for our partner.

Even my heart doesn’t beat faster. We are like old friends. We feel like we know each others for years, even we just know for only a month! Well, this is new for me. Being in a relationship which is based on comfort and trust is just amazing! Let love comes along the way. And let God guides the best for us.