The first encounter to the word “Korean” is the language.  I was studying at Faculty of Letters in UI at that time, and Korean is one of the other foreign languages that can be taken as the second language. But, since Korean is new there, I am not quite familiar with it and I am afraid that it will be hard to learn as it is hard to learn Japanese. Anyhow, I like the sound of the language.

And the first dish I have ever tried was KIMCHI, the national and trademark dish in Korea. The first time I tasted, It’s a kind of pickle, but stronger than pickle! May be kimchi is not really suitable for my tounge, but I do want to try other Korean dishes.

In my mind, the dishes that I would really like to try are:

1. Kim Bap (Korean Rice Rolls)

I’ve tried Japanese Rice Rolls, but I would really try the Korean style, that is Kim Bap.

2. Ramen Korean-Style

I love watching Korean Dramas, and I always envy to see the actors and actresses when they eat their Ra Myeon (Ramen). It looks so delicious! I really wanna try it! It’s a must! 🙂

3. Bulgogi (Korean Beef) With Rice and Lettuce

This one looks like Beef Teriyaki in Japanese Restaurant. Since I love this dish, I would really like to try the Korean style. I couldn’t find it in many malls that I often visit. So, try it in Korea? I would really love to! 🙂

Well, those are my top three Korean main dishes that interest me so much. If I can win this Touch Korea Tour and can go to Korea, please, serve me these three dishes!