Mister Duncan..

 I just knew him a few weeks ago. [Not in person, of course]. At that time, I was browsing for my teaching material. I was looking for a video to be used in my classroom. I had no idea where to start searching. The video site I knew is only the Youtube. So I started there. And, eventually met this guy.

What I like about Mister Duncan is that his English is so clear. Unlike any other native speakers from Britain, he speaks very clearly. I really love the way he pronounces each word. The intonation, the stressing, the gesture are all awesome. It’s perfect for our learning media. Plus, we have the subtitle which is also in English. So, while the students are listening to what he says, they can also see and read the words and sentences uttered by him.

There are so many topics taught by Mister Duncan. Mostly are the expressions used in English. We just pick one, or put the topic we want, and he will provide us with every thing. We, furthermore, can download the video with only one click, as long as we have the youtube downloader or the internet download manager. With the duration between 4 to 10 minutes, this material are suitable for the introduction of our learning process. Not too short and not too long. It is just perfect.

However, I really need to tell him to add some dialogues or conversation in his lessons. This way, he needs a companion in making the video since so far he is just a single teacher there. By adding the conversation to his lessons’ examples, people will learn more in using the English language as fluent as the native speakers. If only I can reach him to send my suggestion, I would be very happy, indeed.

Best regards for you, mister Duncan 🙂