Recommended for parents and teachers!

At first, my friend told me that he had a good film. But, it is Mandarin. Well, I am not in the mood to see Mandarin film since I am looking for the English films to be played for my students. Anyway, since he said that it was a good film, I decided to copy and watch it. And, to my surprise, indeed, it was good. No, it IS good.

I thought the film is Mandarin. However, it is not. It is a Singaporean film. But, the language used is mostly in Mandarin, and some in English. It tells us about a life of two kids in their families and their schools. In fact, the story portrays the real life of many students, families and schools nowadays.

The main characters are TOM and JERRY from a middle-class family and ChengCai from a poor one. The story is narrated by Jerry, the youngest in the family. He is an elementary student. He tells the audience how is their family life. His mom and dad are so busy with their work that it is hard for Jerry and his older brother to see and talk to them. Even, their communication is run via notes on the refrigerator. Jerry is a smart kid, but his parents never give him  compliment or at least show how they are proud of him. Tom, his brother, on the other hand, is not so smart at school but he has a very good talent in blogging. He even wins a competition in that blogging. But, what do his parents say? They just neglect the award and thinks that blogging is just wasting time. He should study instead of blog.

Meanwhile, ChengCai, Tom’s best friend, has no different luck. His father, who is an ex-prisoner, is temperamental. He hits his son a lot. He wants his child to be good at school and never see his son’s talent on martial arts. He is known as a trouble maker at schools that make him suspended from school. It really breaks his father’s heart.

The conflict in the film hits the peak. Jerry, who really wants his parents to buy tickets and see his drama performance, steals money from the school’s canteen. While, Tom and ChengCai are involved in a gang that leads them to do something that breaks the law, robbery. However, they finally realized that what they did are wrong.

From the story, we can see that the parents never see their children as persons, never see their talent. They just get mad when their children do something wrong or mistakes at schools. Whereas, their children do mistakes because of them too, who never pay attention to the little things that they do in their lives. Parents will realize that something is wrong with their family when something bad happened to their children.

This film is really good and teaches lots of things. From the way parents treat their children, how parents never say nice words to their children, how that the rules are broken by themselves, and the fact that many parents are rarely giving compliments to their children and almost never say “i love you” to them.

We can also learn from the way schools treat their students. Sometimes, school regulations are harsh, but in some ways they can give students lesson. How the school can defense its teacher who is said to be treating students wrongly is also shown in this film.

In short, this film really gives us very good lesson. It happens in our real lives, and asks us to do something with that condition at home and at schools. Hope, that we can really learn from this film and change our attitude in treating our children.

The film is brilliant in every sense of the word.