When I was still in Junior High, I had my own perfect match. He should be the man with high integrity. He should be older than me, smarter, richer, taller. He had to be someone who is kind, gentle, macho, neat. He was the one with a great job. That’s my perfect ideal.

But, when I was getting older, let’s say after I finished my college, some of the criteria changed. The guy should rather be the one that really click to me. Someone who were great to talk to. The one who had the same opinion and thoughts about something. Someone that was in the same level as I do, in many senses, from family, education, etc.

However, getting more matured, I am in my mid-thirties now, with one son already, there are no more specific criteria. Everybody that attracts me, eventually, is someone who makes me comfortable with. I can talk to him without being afraid of getting wrong, or I don’t need to hide anything about me in front of him.

Nonetheless, whatever our criteria about who is our perfect match, who is our other half, we can’t be sure to whom we fall in love. We don’t pick they guy out of so many guys out there. It’s just there. The love just struck whenever it wants to. We can’t say that “Oh, I want to fall in love with this kind guy..or I wanna be with that kind of man”. No. When we fall in love, it just happens that way. No preparation, no test, no nothing. Do we pick the guy? Absolutely no. It’s not the way how cupid works. Often, we fall for someone who we never think before.Or even we love someone whom we never met before.

So, when the love comes between you and that guy, just grab it. Seize the moment. Don’t let it go and do not do much thoughts on what will happen next. That way, you are really gonna enjoy every bit of your love. And I am sure that there will be no regret. 🙂