Getting into the second semester this year, I have already been busy with many activities regarded learning and teaching. I came up with the not-really-new-but-effective method in teaching news item topic for class ten. I put my students into a small project, called “a one-page paper”. It is quite interesting and encourages students to read as well as produce a news item.

Here are the steps in the learning activities section in your lesson plan:

Goal: to read and produce a news item


  • Students are able to understand the main idea of a news item.
  • Students are able to make up their own news items based on some photos.

Time needed: 4 x 40′

Teaching method: Group discussion

Learning activities:

Session 1 (2 x 40′)

  • Students are divided into groups of four.
  • Students are assigned to read news in a newspaper “the Jakarta Post”.
  • Students are to identify what is the main idea of every news they read.
  • Students then discuss in their group what is available in a news paper.
  • Students and teacher discuss the result of their group discussion.
  • Teacher explain what is a news item and the generic structure that make up the news.

Session 2 (2 x 40′)

  • After the discussion, students are to continue the task with writing session.
  • Teacher provides each group a blank paper, a scissor, a marker, a tube of glue, and used papers.
  • Students are to cut four photos from the papers.
  • Students are to create their own news based on the pictures or photos taken from the paper.
  • Students create the name of their paper and write it down on the upper part of the paper.
  • Students stick the photos onto the paper.
  • Students write down their own news under each photo.
  • Students decorate their one-page paper so it will look more beautiful and interesting.
  • After that, put the students’ papers on the wall and let other groups and students from other classes to read them.

Well, I have tried this activity in my previous classes and the response of the students was undoubtedly good. They are active and creative as well.  So, why don’t you try it. Hope, it will be as useful and effective as it is in my classes.

Good luck 🙂