After the amazing Mission Impossible: ghost protocol, I have a chance to see another great movie at the end of 2011, Sherlock Holmes: a game of shadows. The name Sherlock Holmes is very familiar to me since I have read almost all the novels. I really love reading detective stories since they are really intriguing and kept us guessing who is the guilty one in the story. Even I often failed to guess the guilty person in each story!

Based on the famous detective story, Hollywood brought this famous character into big screen. At first, I wondered how can they translate the novel into a movie. But, then, after I saw the first movie, I fell in love with the characters, played beautifully by the great actors, Robert Downey , Jr. and his loyal companion, Dr. John Watson, played by the British-born actor, Jude Law.

So, when there is the second movie for the Sherlock Holmes, I was eager to watch. And, I was stunned! The movie is great! Amazing! It tells us how the greatest detective of all uncovered the best villain ever which came up to be the great professor. It seemed hard to bring him to justice since he never left traces. He will kill anybody who could lead the crime to him. He would use their help, after that they will be killed. That way, it is quite hard to really uncover his crime.

But, don’t call Sherlock Holmes the great detective if he can’t solve the mystery. By his thorough and thoughtful plan, he was finally able to make the villain pay for his crime.ย  Sometimes, he did some crazy things in order to solve the case, but that’s his strength. Even Dr. Watson sometimes couldn’t read what is on his best friend’s mind!

The story is great. The actors and actresses are awesome. Robert Downey Jr. is really a real Sherlock Holmes. The action is wonderful. The fight scenes are beautiful without being too harsh. The setting is just like heaven! I wonder where they took the scene of the palace up above the hill with the falls. It is so beautiful, stunning! Justย  the dream place I would love to visit! lol

Even the sound effect are incredible! I’m holding my breath as the music and sounds lead us to the very thrilling scenes. The mystery is really mysterious! The drama is fascinating and the humor is hilarious. I remember the scene where Holmes rode on a pony instead of a horse. I couldn’t stop laughing. If I can use the emoticon, it will come up with ROTFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing). 132525851312105822Last but not least, Sherlock Holmes: a game of shadows is AWESOME! I recommend you to see it. Trust me, NO REGRET! ๐Ÿ˜€