Seize the day….

source: ordisonnumber1x.deviantart.comI just read this phrase in a story about three or four years ago. I was reading a short story in a magazine, and caught the glimpse of the title. The phrase sounds nice in my ears when I say it…”sieze the day”. It sounds sexy and really has deep meaning behind.

I didn’t know the meaning of it, though. That’s why I was interested in finding the meaning by reading over the story. Finally, I got it! And I really like the spontaneous feeling that we can get from it.

Seize the day…grab the moment. Make each day of our lives fruitful. Take a chance for doing something. Never let go the opportunity to fall from out hand.

Those are the meanings behind the phrase. Each day we have is a blessing. When we are really aware of it, I am sure that we can really make use of our day in a good way. We take the day happily and fill it by every single beautiful thing. Cause life is beautiful. We have to see our day as another opportunity granted for us from God. So, try to make the best of it. Find the best moment in each day that we can get from every angle. We can see that from ourselves, our family, our son/daughters, our work, our friends, etc. Cos in every single thing we do, or in every single day we live, there is always something good for us.

So, seize the day! Grab the moment! And live up your day!

Happy holidays, guys 🙂