It’s been a long time since the last time I went to the cinemas. Well, actually I am really picky in what kind of movies or what movies that I should watch in cinemas. Or, let’s just say that what movie which is really worth-seeing in cinemas! Cos, you know, with that big screen in front of our eyes, I think it would be better if the one shown on the screen is a really amazing movie. Well, that’s my opinion.

Until last week when one of my friends told me that there was a new Mission Impossible movie! I was so excited that I definitely say yes when she asked to see it. For me, MI is one of those movies which are worth-seeing in cinemas. lol

With the big actor like Tom Cruise, I really wish that the movie is amazing like always, or even getting better in stories or action! And, actually, it did! I couldn’t  blink a second during the show! It’s really thrilling, amazing and wonderful. Filmed in some famous countries like Russia, UEA, and India, the view is just incredible! The effect and the sounds are awesome. There is a little comedy in it and I love just as much I love the story, the action, and the actors!


I even fell in love with this guy, Jeremy Renner, or Renni to be short. His character is just so damned funny and sexy at the same time. You did really a good job there, Rennie!

Anyway, no regreat at all! I just feel happy that this one is really a worth-seeing action movie to end the year of 2011.

Strongly recommended! 😀