What is so important about learning English?

If we talk about English, it means we are talking about skills. Since language is a skill, we need to use it in our everyday life. What is the use of studying language if we don’t use it? It means it’s useless. Don’t ever bother to learn a language if you don’t want to use it in your life. Language is a means of communication. It is used to communicate with other people. When we want to communicate with our friends who come from Indonesia, of course we use Indonesian language.  When we meet a friend from Java, perhaps, we will speak using Javanese.

However, in this global, sometimes we need to get acquaintance with people from around the world. Since the international language used is English, of course we should speak English with them. So, I think it is a must for us to learn English and use it in our everyday life. It doesn’t  mean that we neglect our own language, but it is our effort to improve our life quality. We already master our first language, so why don’t we try to master another one which is international? I think it is worth it. There is no disadvantage I find if we master English. Whereas, there will be many benefits we can get from mastering the language.

First, we are able to communicate to other people from other countries.

Second, we are able to read any other reference books in English to support our knowledge, such as chemistry books, biology books, etc.

Third, we are able to connect to other people around the world to do our business.

And many more advantages that we can gain from mastering English language. So, I think, we cannot postpone any longer to learn English as our second language. For our better future, it will be good to learn any other language than our first language.

So, start now and speak English! 🙂

Good luck 😀