In my previous post on scholarship hunting, I wrote about my experience to go to Aminef Secretariat. Long journey it was, but at the end we managed to make it. Arriving there, we were welcomed by one of the staff there. We then waited for a few moment to have a staff come to us. After a few minutes, the female staff came and told us everything about the scholarship. Unfortunately, the one that I was interested in, that is the Humphrey Fellowship was meant for those who have structural position in her/his company or institution. In other words, I am ineligible to apply. But, she told us there is a scholarship offered only for teachers. It is called ILEP, intended for any teachers. Yet, this one is not a degree program, instead it is a kind of four-to-five months training programs. Well, I could try it, even though I am still looking for the master degree.

Still searching for the available scholarship this year, some friends advised me to apply for ADS program since it is open until August 26th, 2011. So, I browsed in the internet about this scholarship, and I think I am interested in applying for this one. I decided to take the application form in person in ADS office in Kuningan so I can ask for more information about this scholarship.

It was Wednesday early morning. Still with my friend, Titi, we had so much plan for the day. First, we went to UI Depok to have my certificate translated into English and also have them certified. It needed two weeks to finish, so I left my copy of certificate there. From Depok, we continued to DAAD secretariat in Summitams Building, Sudirman. My friend wanted to apply for the German Scholarship. So, we wanted to ask for much information from them. We took a Mikrolet 63 from Depok to Blok M and then took a Kopaja 20 from Blok M to Summitmas Building.

We arrived in the building at around 12 o’clock. We went up stair to 19th floor where DAAD secretariat sits. Unfortunately, the consultation hours is open from 13.30 to 16.00, so we decided to take a prayer first and have some lunch. At 13.30 sharp, we were welcomed by the staff there and without hesitation, we asked them so much information about the scholarship. One thing for sure is that there is only one scholarship available for me as an English teacher and it is conducted in Germany! In order to apply for this scholarship, I need to master the German Language first. It takes around 2,5 years to master it. And you know what? The age deadline should be 36 years old. Thus, I am ineligible for the German scholarship. 😥

Anyway, I still have one chance this year. The ADS Program! We then continued the hunting to Wira Usaha Building, Kuningan, where ADS Secretariats stands. We arrived there at three, so we didn’t want to waste our time since it is closed at four! We were greeted by the receptionist, the one that I can ask for the scholarship too. I was given the form and I studied it before I ask for some details. Going through all the pages, I took some notes of the points I need to ask. Feeling satisfied at the moment (although later there was one big question comes up), we decided to leave the office and went home. I feel confident and enthusiast to apply for this scholarship, since I have all the documents needed.

So, this is it! Time for a change! Time for the better future ahead! Wish me best of luck, dear God, family and friends!

Fighting! Fighting! :))))))