It’s been almost twelve years since I finished my college in Faculty of Letters, UI. So many things changes during those years I left. Well, I occasionally went there to certify my certificates and transcript for some purposes. Each time I came there, I noticed big changes in my used-to-be campus. The very significant alteration is apparently the name.  We used to call our campus by Faculty of Letters, or Fakultas Sastra, since it covers many languages majors in it. However, the name changes into Faculty of Humanities, or Fakultas Ilmu pengetahuan Budaya. I had no idea what are the reason behind the alteration. One thing to be sur is for the better I believe.

FIB-UI Gedung 2

Another apparent change is the buildings. I found out that there is a new office in Building VI (it used to be the room for Ikhtisar Kebudayaan dan Kesustraan Australia). Now, it is the space for LBI or Lembaga Bahasa Internasional which provides the translation service for any document. I became aware of it when I needed to translate my documents for scholarship requirements.

What surprised me also is the pathway we take when we want to reach the campus. I mostly like to take the pathway from Gg. Sawo to Faculty of Humanities since it is nearer. It used to be the plain pathway. We just can see some dorms, typing rentals, photocopying  machine. It differs a lot now. Today, when we cross the pathway, there are so much to see and so many things to find such as vendors which sell food, drinks, accessories, books, and some other things college students will need for their daily life. It looks like a small market. So, it is so much fun to cross this way. You know what? You can even try one of the drink stalls which offers a really fresh and delicious drink! 🙂

Crossing the railway, we will continue walking. Now, the walking pathway is so comfortable with shady trees and nice pavement. Along the path, we can see on our right the captivity for the deer. It feels like we are walking in the zoo! 🙂 This is really a new breakthrough. Never cross in my mind that UI will have this kind of thing. Anyway, it’s good as long as they really take care of those deer.

The last but not least new breakthrough in our campus is the availability of bikes. The college students as well as employees in UI can use the bikes as long as they can show their students card or employee cards. It is really nice to have bike rentals, so everybody can support the slogan of “bike to school”! This is really worth to save our planet by reducing the use of motorcycles. Good job, UI! 🙂

These are only a few out of many changes I find in UI Depok! I think this changes really describe how development has really increased in UI Depok. Just really wish that no slight mistake is made in developing the campus.